Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creation vs. Evolution

Controversial Content were warned.

Creation vs. Evolution

I watched the "big" debate on this the other night. My kids were bored out of their mind, but I found it to be very interesting....
But what has been even more interesting is the response of the "Christian" people to the ever-present question....
Is the Creation account in the Bible a viable model of origins???
Is the Evolution Theory a viable model of origins???

Either the Bible is true in all points or none of it is true.
Why would we only believe certain parts and dismiss other parts??

Of course, my view is Creation happened in 6 literal (day and night) days. And God rested on the 7th day.
I don't need to defend this with vigor.
Either the Bible is telling the truth or it is not.
There really is no middle ground. No gray area. No reason to believe otherwise.

For those of you that say the Bible is just an ancient book with no real impact in today's society, I challenge you to read it. Read it all the way through, then come back and tell me it is not relevant.
I will listen.
But don't assume that just because it is ancient text that it is invalid, or worse, unscientific!!
I think you will be surprised at the information and connectivity of the Word of God.
Also, I challenge you to show me another ancient book that has stood the test of time, that is written so the common man can understand it, that is available throughout the world, that is non-fiction, that covers the origin of mankind, and that people are not trying to destroy. I'm not talking about a page or two of scrolls. I would like to see a beginning to end kind of book.

This is my response on a Facebook was a homeschooling page and a concerned mom asked if she should teach her children "both" views of the Creation. One being God created the heavens and earth in 6 literal days or God used evolution to create the earth over thousands, millions, or billions of years (a form of evolution).  There were so many negative comments and so much hateful language in this stream.
I was amazed at the variety of thoughts from all view points.
You would think as adults we could have an intelligent conversation about a controversial subject without such meanness.  Even those who claimed to be "Christian" got a little huffy defending their viewpoint.

"Wow!!! This is a hot topic!!!! There are so many opinions on this subject. I just have a few questions...

~Have any of you ever seen something living (that was not alive before) come out of an explosion??

~Have any of you ever seen a  pile of logs, nails, and shingles become a home on it's own???


That is because chaos comes from explosions (Big Bangs) and a builder is required to form something from those materials. I don't care how long you leave it alone. The earth will cover and consume those materials before it could possibly make something on it's own!!

A Divine Creator is required to make something form nothing...

It takes faith to believe that God created our earth from nothing in 6 literal days and that there was a flood that covered the entire earth.

It takes just as much faith to believe the earth formed out of a big bang and that my ancestors evolved from primordial slime (millions of years ago).....

~~~~~A side note~~~~~~the Bible has many types/genres of writing (Poetry, history, epistles (letters), prophecy) that does not mean it is inaccurate in any form....If we believe any part of the Bible (and things have been proven outside the realm of Christianity) then we have to believe all of the Bible. Who are we to choose what things are true and accurate and what things are not?? God has preserved His Word through thousands of years. Our time on this earth is but a vapor compared to the grand scheme of things."

It really boils down to faith either way. No one alive today was there when time started. Nothing is going to change that. People can rant and rave at how crazy we are to believe in such a "magical" (wonderful) story told in the Genesis account of Creation.

But what if we're right??

After all we did get here somehow. I prefer to believe Someone (God) was in charge of that!!

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