Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Walk in the......MUD!!!!!!

Oh yes!!!!
It is sunny and a balmy 62* outside today!!! =)

We just spent an bit of time walking about our property.

These are not the photos from today.....these are from yesterday!!!! The turtle release day!!! And Th. caught a fish in our pond!!! =)

Little Bit


Today I wanted to check on our turtles we released into our pond yesterday!!! (I have raised these turtles from infancy....they were rescued from someone who was not able to properly care for them!!)  I was so ready for them to be in their natural habitat!! Not to mention that keeping a turtle tank is a timely and costly (and stinky!!) adventure I will never do again!!!! I did love having them though!!! They were fascinating and entertaining to watch (for 3 years!!!!!)!!!

On to today......our walkabout.....it all started out pretty innocently. My kiddos were so amazed that a fish was caught in our pond that they wanted to try again today!!
I am one happy mama! They WANT to go outside and play and fish!!!! THIS is why we are where we are...so they can!!!! =)  =)  Our property has woods, creeks, grass, and a pond!!! Who could ask for more!! (Well, I guess it could be better if it were located in the mountains!!! "The mountains are calling and I must go!"  John Muir) I love where we live and the experiences my kids are getting to have.

But I digress.....as usual!!!

My kiddos were at the pond fishing....not much was happening today. I think the fish wised up to the white shiny thing they were so attracted to yesterday!! My turtles kept popping up their little heads because they could hear us talking!!! Happiness!! They look so tiny out in the pond, but they were quickly outgrowing the 55 gallon tank I had them in!!!

Those dark spots in the water....those are my turtles!!!!! Little Bit and Tater!!! They pop up when they hear me talking!!! SO sweet! ....and bittersweet!!! They will have to learn to live out there on their own!!!

After checking on the turtles we decided to up to the front of this side of our property. Don't know why...just did!
My kids are always looking for adventure so here come the pics of our adventure today!!!

Enjoy!!! =)

The boys are climbing on a tree that my Army Man cut down (it fell across one of our creeks) that made an all natural jungle gym!!!! =)  Happy boys!!!! 

Th. has discovered a mushy "sink hole" spot of mud!!! It only went up to his knees!!!

He made it out, but is now trying to get back in!!!

 He is covered in mud!!!!!!

So now everyone must try out the "sink hole"!!!!

Oh yes!!! There they are in the swampiest (snakiest?!?!?!) part of our property!!! 

Looks to me like they have on painted mud colored boots!!!! Hahahaha!!!
Mc is the first to climb out of the mire!

Oh the joy of mud!!!

Tr. is a smart girl....she is trying to get out without getting thorns in her feet!!!

So stinkin' cute!!!

Yep! She is a country girl!!!! 

Our Bella had muddy feet too, but it is hard to tell!!! ;)

Sweet mercy at the mud these kids find!!!!

To the creek!!!! Get cleaned up before you go back to the house!!!!

This is a little (tiny) section of our creek!!! 
Always clear and flowing!!!  
I feel very blessed to live here!!!

Well, he tried!!! 

Here is a view of our yard and our house we built in 2012!!! Such a blessing and answer to prayer!!!
To the right of the house.....

House and raised bed garden area!!!

To the left of the house..... and our chicken coop! (and future cow/goat pasture area!!)!!

Such a great day to be outside!!!!


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