Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Walk in the......MUD!!!!!!

Oh yes!!!!
It is sunny and a balmy 62* outside today!!! =)

We just spent an bit of time walking about our property.

These are not the photos from today.....these are from yesterday!!!! The turtle release day!!! And Th. caught a fish in our pond!!! =)

Little Bit


Today I wanted to check on our turtles we released into our pond yesterday!!! (I have raised these turtles from infancy....they were rescued from someone who was not able to properly care for them!!)  I was so ready for them to be in their natural habitat!! Not to mention that keeping a turtle tank is a timely and costly (and stinky!!) adventure I will never do again!!!! I did love having them though!!! They were fascinating and entertaining to watch (for 3 years!!!!!)!!!

On to today......our walkabout.....it all started out pretty innocently. My kiddos were so amazed that a fish was caught in our pond that they wanted to try again today!!
I am one happy mama! They WANT to go outside and play and fish!!!! THIS is why we are where we are...so they can!!!! =)  =)  Our property has woods, creeks, grass, and a pond!!! Who could ask for more!! (Well, I guess it could be better if it were located in the mountains!!! "The mountains are calling and I must go!"  John Muir) I love where we live and the experiences my kids are getting to have.

But I digress.....as usual!!!

My kiddos were at the pond fishing....not much was happening today. I think the fish wised up to the white shiny thing they were so attracted to yesterday!! My turtles kept popping up their little heads because they could hear us talking!!! Happiness!! They look so tiny out in the pond, but they were quickly outgrowing the 55 gallon tank I had them in!!!

Those dark spots in the water....those are my turtles!!!!! Little Bit and Tater!!! They pop up when they hear me talking!!! SO sweet! ....and bittersweet!!! They will have to learn to live out there on their own!!!

After checking on the turtles we decided to up to the front of this side of our property. Don't know why...just did!
My kids are always looking for adventure so here come the pics of our adventure today!!!

Enjoy!!! =)

The boys are climbing on a tree that my Army Man cut down (it fell across one of our creeks) that made an all natural jungle gym!!!! =)  Happy boys!!!! 

Th. has discovered a mushy "sink hole" spot of mud!!! It only went up to his knees!!!

He made it out, but is now trying to get back in!!!

 He is covered in mud!!!!!!

So now everyone must try out the "sink hole"!!!!

Oh yes!!! There they are in the swampiest (snakiest?!?!?!) part of our property!!! 

Looks to me like they have on painted mud colored boots!!!! Hahahaha!!!
Mc is the first to climb out of the mire!

Oh the joy of mud!!!

Tr. is a smart girl....she is trying to get out without getting thorns in her feet!!!

So stinkin' cute!!!

Yep! She is a country girl!!!! 

Our Bella had muddy feet too, but it is hard to tell!!! ;)

Sweet mercy at the mud these kids find!!!!

To the creek!!!! Get cleaned up before you go back to the house!!!!

This is a little (tiny) section of our creek!!! 
Always clear and flowing!!!  
I feel very blessed to live here!!!

Well, he tried!!! 

Here is a view of our yard and our house we built in 2012!!! Such a blessing and answer to prayer!!!
To the right of the house.....

House and raised bed garden area!!!

To the left of the house..... and our chicken coop! (and future cow/goat pasture area!!)!!

Such a great day to be outside!!!!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Liebster Blog Nominee!!!

I really have no idea what this means, but the very nice lady who nominated me did her research (because she didn't know either!)!!  This quote is from her blog post today!!
"Alan’s first question was, “What does Liebster mean?  You might want to find out….”  *hahaha snort*  (Oh, that was me with the snort, not my suave and debonaire husband!)
I looked it up!!

Apparently, it is awarded to up-and-coming bloggers, that haven’t built a great following yet, to encourage them on their way to keep blog, blog, blogging."
I will, April, I will keep blog, blog, blogging... My kids will need this blog later to remember some things that I will have long forgotten!!! ;-)
BTW April, I snort too (when I laugh)!!!! My whole family thinks it is hilarious and it gets worse the more I laugh!!! Some people think it is funny, some people look at me like I've grown an extra nose!!! =)   Oh well, I've learned to live with it!! It is kinda funny!!
Thanks  to April over at >>> http://storiesofourboys.com !!!! For the nomination!!!

Since I have no idea who reads this blog, I really have no idea who to nominate and give the "rules" to....but here goes.       First THE RULES:
1. Thank and link back to the persons’ blog who nominated you.
2. Please answer the questions I have written especially for you.
3. Nominate some folks of your own. Pick a number, any number of bloggers you feel are deserving of the award. Especially new bloggers, or bloggers who just didn’t get this one yet. Take the time to check out their pages and be considerate.
4. Make up some questions for them to answer and feel free to be creative.
5. Notify your winners, and click post.
This is the question I got from http://storiesofourboys.com:::
Tell us a parenting trick that works for you that’s NOT what they would recommend in Parent’s Magazine.
Hmmmm....that is a tough one! I would have to say, Say what you mean and mean what you say. Our kids have enough to think about without having to figure out if we being honest with them or not. If you tell your child your going to do something do it. If you say they are going to do something, make them. 
So....for my nominees.....

 I miss you... 1. Any chance you are going to move back?!?!?!!!!
                    2. What is the best curly hair product (Shampoo/conditioner/styling stuff) you can                                              recommend???
(Did I mention that I miss you???)

                    1. What is your best advice for raising kids through those teen years?!??!???
                    2. Are you the type of friend that would tell me if I had a booger sticking out of my nose?!?!

Happy Liebster Blog Nominee!!! day!!!! =)

Hard work and rewards!!

In my quest to become more of a "farm girl" I spent nearly all day Saturday outside helping my Army Man (and our kids) work on our property!!! I got a little sun burned (grrrr) and my arms are pretty sore from all the mixing of top soil and dirt for our raised garden beds, but over all it was a good and productive day!

I started out with my Army Man trying to burn a pile of branches from a magnolia tree he cut down a few weeks ago. That did not go so well, but we did get to chat with our neighbor (who happens to be dying of cancer. He has 6-ish months left to live!) (Can you imagine knowing that you are going to die in 6 or so months?!?!?!!!!) for a bit and seeing him walking down our dirt road always makes me smile!!! =)

After that little bit of fun we went to the woods.....he decided to go ahead and burn the piles of branches and vines (so many vines) that we cut last winter (over a year ago!!)!!! Awesomeness!!!! That was a sight!!! It is a bit surreal to watch your woods burn....and a bit scary!

We have many areas that could use a fire "cleansing" and it was nice to see the areas that we did actually burn open up and look less jungle-y!!! There are so many vines!!!!

I know it may be hard to tell out there in blog-land how very different it looks, but trust me on this one... It looks so much better!!!!  There was a time (although, I have no proof because I can't find the pictures!!) that you would not have been able to see the trunk of these trees!!! Wildness!!!

~~~On a side note.....every time I think or say "there was a time" I think of this song!!! The video is cheesy (sorry Harry!!), but the song is awesome!!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGkz2qCkMZ4  ~~~

Somewhere between burning the woods I caught sight of some fun being had....
It is always fun to play in the creek, but adding the element of tractors takes it to a whole new level!!!

It was hard to top a large fire raging through our woods for fun, but it did get better!!! After lunch we started working on our raised beds for our garden!!! We bought some top soil and peat moss and had to fill 5 beds with it!!!!! I really did mean it when I said it was fun. Well, at least for the firs thirty minutes or so. After an hour or so my arm muscles we screaming and I started feeling weak!!! =(

This is almost a side by side of the beds!! =) Right now there are 10 ready for planting. We have two more that need to be filled with dirt and peat moss!!! =)

We are so excited to finally have this ready to go!! We have been working on it (in our minds, anyway!) since last summer!!!!

 I also found some moss....I love moss!!!!

Not sure what these are....I was just excited that my little camera focused on them so close up!!!! =) =)

After all the work was done we cleaned up a bit and took the kids to Dairy Queen for some ice cream!!!! We also took the top off of the Jeep and rode in style!!! =)   FUN TIMES!!!!



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Notes to self....

1. It's probably not a good idea for my boys to pillow fight on the trampoline.....anymore.

Yesterday, as many days before, my boys went outside with their normal exuberance ready to fight to the death for their honor!!! ....With their pillows....On the trampoline.
I love to hear their laughter and shouts of defeat and their overall enjoyment of each other while they are out there playing and jumping. The trampoline is outside of my window so I get to hear their conversations and conflicts. It is a joy that there is more conversation than conflicts! My boys really play well together even though there is 4 years separating them.
Yesterday, they were playing, jumping and pillow fighting (on the trampoline). I called them in because we were getting ready to go to their Grandma's house for supper. When we finally settled down and caught up with our chaos of leaving time I noticed Mc. (my 13 yo) holding my ice mat on his hand. He proceeded to tell me that while defending himself from a death blow by the pillow the pillow caught his pinky finger and pulled it away from his other fingers with much force. He heard a pop and it hurt really bad.
Called his doctor's office and the nurse said to tape it to the next finger and bring him in tomorrow.
By then it was swollen and discoloring!! Took him to his doctor today and found out that he has a torn ligament in his pinky!!
Pillow fighting can be dangerous!!!

2. Don't assume the scale that your parents had (and gave to you because they got a new one) is accurate.

I bought my first digital scale (for body weight, not food) yesterday. I thought i had gained 4 pounds overnight!!! Wowsers!!!  Really, the old scale that I had was just not very accurate and was giving us misinformation, I guess!! I have still lost about 6 pounds with my new eating style.
My original weight must have been higher than I thought, so now my weight reflecting the loss is a bit higher too!!! That's OK though! My weight loss is a bonus to the health benefits of this eating style!!
And, I did not get this heavy overnight so I will not loose the weight quickly (which is fine).
But, I WILL loose the weight eating wonderful foods and getting healthier at the same time!!! =)

3. Push ups make my arms feel week and feeble.

My Army Man is getting ready for his annual P.T. Test. I thought it might be a good idea (and fun) to "exercise" with him. He is a good motivator!!! It was fun the first night. I did flutter kicks, heel lifts and push ups (on the wall...). No problem. I'm starting small. I have done this on two different nights now (not in a row!). The first time I felt no after effects. No soreness, no aches and pains, no weirdness.
Today, however, after last night's "workout" (and I use that term very loosely) I have very little strength in my arms... I feel like I singlehandedly cleaned my house from top to bottom inside and out. Although we know from this blog post >> http://www.zubadeewopshoppe.com/2013/04/cleaning-house.html  << that that is not the case!!! I rarely do that.
No. This weirdness in my arms is from those pesky push ups (this time on the counter not the wall!) my hubby was "encouraging"/"motivating" me to do!!! =/

4. I like naps.

This should not surprise you if you have been reading this blog for any length of time.
I don't always feel the need for naps anymore (I used to NEED a nap everyday!!!), but I still like the quietness and rest. =)


Monday, March 17, 2014


Sweet mercy!! I have been a slacker blogger lately!!! (HA! I typed blooger and almost left it that way just for fun!!)
In my defense (if you will accept it) I have been really busy.  I have begun a new eating lifestyle that has taken me a bit to get used to. I'm not saying I have it all figured out or anything, but it is getting easier to manage my time and meal prep!!!

Let me tell you what I have been doing....

I officially started Trim Healthy Mama (http://www.trimhealthymama.com/) on February 24th. Not really sure why I didn't make it easier on myself and wait until March 1st.... the way my mind works amuses me...sometimes. So technically, I am going on my 4th week of this eating lifestyle change. I hate to call it a diet because of the negative connotation my amusing brain will give it.

It is an eating lifestyle.

Or some such thing like that, but definitely NOT a diet!

Yes, I bought some special ingredients.
Yes, it is a bit tricksy to get started and understanding all the ins and outs. (there are lots of us THM-ers who are willing and able to help with any confusion!!)
Yes, I am loosing weight. But more importantly, I am loosing inches!!!

I have lost a total of  10 pounds (in 3 weeks!!) and  5 1/2 inches (although it may be more because in my haste to get started I completely forgot to get starting measurements. I am going off of measurements taken a week into the plan!)!!!!!

I can actually wear rings I haven't worn in years!!
My feet are shrinking!! (Weird. Right??)

My body is shrinking...in the best of ways and I am so happy for this!!! It has been a long time coming.
I have always been somewhat active and have been missing out on life due to my body hurting and not being able to keep up!!
I am hoping that by July (my 38th!!!)( YIKES 38TH!!?!?!??!?!?!?) birthday (whew, I can't believe I just wrote that!!!) I will be able to go hiking with my family again!!!
By my 39th birthday, my goal is to look even better than I did at 19!!!! =)
Life is so much better as an adult! I would not go back to those teen years for anything, but being back in that body with the wisdom of my years is going to be AwEsOmE!!! =)

Here's to eating the foods we love (without the guilt)  in a specific way (without the guilt) and loosing weight while doing it!!! =) Happiness!!!

I would be glad to answer any question you may have, but one of the best resources is going to be this blog....  http://www.gwens-nest.com/     She has got a section (or tab if you prefer) called  Trim & Healthy. Good stuff!! Also, she is the Admin for the official THM page on FB  https://www.facebook.com/groups/trimhealthymamas/ !!
LOTS of ideas and support can be found there if you are interested!

I'm telling you!! It is so simple. The authors of the book have laid out a plan that anyone can follow and be successful in their weight loss goals!!!