Monday, March 24, 2014

Hard work and rewards!!

In my quest to become more of a "farm girl" I spent nearly all day Saturday outside helping my Army Man (and our kids) work on our property!!! I got a little sun burned (grrrr) and my arms are pretty sore from all the mixing of top soil and dirt for our raised garden beds, but over all it was a good and productive day!

I started out with my Army Man trying to burn a pile of branches from a magnolia tree he cut down a few weeks ago. That did not go so well, but we did get to chat with our neighbor (who happens to be dying of cancer. He has 6-ish months left to live!) (Can you imagine knowing that you are going to die in 6 or so months?!?!?!!!!) for a bit and seeing him walking down our dirt road always makes me smile!!! =)

After that little bit of fun we went to the woods.....he decided to go ahead and burn the piles of branches and vines (so many vines) that we cut last winter (over a year ago!!)!!! Awesomeness!!!! That was a sight!!! It is a bit surreal to watch your woods burn....and a bit scary!

We have many areas that could use a fire "cleansing" and it was nice to see the areas that we did actually burn open up and look less jungle-y!!! There are so many vines!!!!

I know it may be hard to tell out there in blog-land how very different it looks, but trust me on this one... It looks so much better!!!!  There was a time (although, I have no proof because I can't find the pictures!!) that you would not have been able to see the trunk of these trees!!! Wildness!!!

~~~On a side note.....every time I think or say "there was a time" I think of this song!!! The video is cheesy (sorry Harry!!), but the song is awesome!!!  ~~~

Somewhere between burning the woods I caught sight of some fun being had....
It is always fun to play in the creek, but adding the element of tractors takes it to a whole new level!!!

It was hard to top a large fire raging through our woods for fun, but it did get better!!! After lunch we started working on our raised beds for our garden!!! We bought some top soil and peat moss and had to fill 5 beds with it!!!!! I really did mean it when I said it was fun. Well, at least for the firs thirty minutes or so. After an hour or so my arm muscles we screaming and I started feeling weak!!! =(

This is almost a side by side of the beds!! =) Right now there are 10 ready for planting. We have two more that need to be filled with dirt and peat moss!!! =)

We are so excited to finally have this ready to go!! We have been working on it (in our minds, anyway!) since last summer!!!!

 I also found some moss....I love moss!!!!

Not sure what these are....I was just excited that my little camera focused on them so close up!!!! =) =)

After all the work was done we cleaned up a bit and took the kids to Dairy Queen for some ice cream!!!! We also took the top off of the Jeep and rode in style!!! =)   FUN TIMES!!!!



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