Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Notes to self....

1. It's probably not a good idea for my boys to pillow fight on the trampoline.....anymore.

Yesterday, as many days before, my boys went outside with their normal exuberance ready to fight to the death for their honor!!! ....With their pillows....On the trampoline.
I love to hear their laughter and shouts of defeat and their overall enjoyment of each other while they are out there playing and jumping. The trampoline is outside of my window so I get to hear their conversations and conflicts. It is a joy that there is more conversation than conflicts! My boys really play well together even though there is 4 years separating them.
Yesterday, they were playing, jumping and pillow fighting (on the trampoline). I called them in because we were getting ready to go to their Grandma's house for supper. When we finally settled down and caught up with our chaos of leaving time I noticed Mc. (my 13 yo) holding my ice mat on his hand. He proceeded to tell me that while defending himself from a death blow by the pillow the pillow caught his pinky finger and pulled it away from his other fingers with much force. He heard a pop and it hurt really bad.
Called his doctor's office and the nurse said to tape it to the next finger and bring him in tomorrow.
By then it was swollen and discoloring!! Took him to his doctor today and found out that he has a torn ligament in his pinky!!
Pillow fighting can be dangerous!!!

2. Don't assume the scale that your parents had (and gave to you because they got a new one) is accurate.

I bought my first digital scale (for body weight, not food) yesterday. I thought i had gained 4 pounds overnight!!! Wowsers!!!  Really, the old scale that I had was just not very accurate and was giving us misinformation, I guess!! I have still lost about 6 pounds with my new eating style.
My original weight must have been higher than I thought, so now my weight reflecting the loss is a bit higher too!!! That's OK though! My weight loss is a bonus to the health benefits of this eating style!!
And, I did not get this heavy overnight so I will not loose the weight quickly (which is fine).
But, I WILL loose the weight eating wonderful foods and getting healthier at the same time!!! =)

3. Push ups make my arms feel week and feeble.

My Army Man is getting ready for his annual P.T. Test. I thought it might be a good idea (and fun) to "exercise" with him. He is a good motivator!!! It was fun the first night. I did flutter kicks, heel lifts and push ups (on the wall...). No problem. I'm starting small. I have done this on two different nights now (not in a row!). The first time I felt no after effects. No soreness, no aches and pains, no weirdness.
Today, however, after last night's "workout" (and I use that term very loosely) I have very little strength in my arms... I feel like I singlehandedly cleaned my house from top to bottom inside and out. Although we know from this blog post >>  << that that is not the case!!! I rarely do that.
No. This weirdness in my arms is from those pesky push ups (this time on the counter not the wall!) my hubby was "encouraging"/"motivating" me to do!!! =/

4. I like naps.

This should not surprise you if you have been reading this blog for any length of time.
I don't always feel the need for naps anymore (I used to NEED a nap everyday!!!), but I still like the quietness and rest. =)


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