Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gone Fishin'..... no, really!!!

As you may well know, I am not at all the "fishing" this blog is clearly not about me.
My Army Man also is not the fishing type, so this blog is clearly not about him.
(I hear the Sicilian in my know, Princess Bride??)

If this blog is not about me or my Army Man, then clearly it must be about one of my boys, right?

If you thought that, you would be wrong.

Well, sort of....

You see, I have three delightful, helpful, obedient, wonderfully active children!!  Oh yeah, we have TONS of FUN around here!!!! =)

I have a 14 year old son  that has an almost photographic memory of every book he has ever read (in his entire life!), but balks and clams up at the mention of the word "math"!!

I have 10 year old son that LOVES playing outside and lives for adventure as long as it is safe and everyone is comfortable!!

But I also have a 12 year old, beautiful, musically talented, gentle and kind daughter that LOVES to hunt, fish and take care of "her" chickens!!!

See this blog for her first adventure >>Tru's Adventure << (Be warned, there are photos!)

This is another one of HER adventures!!!!

We sometimes have friends over on Sundays after church and since we live out in the country we ALWAYS advise the children to bring extra clothes....someone always "accidentally" falls into the creek!!!
As it so happens on this Sunday their very favorite friends came over to spend the afternoon with us!! So great adventures are to be had!!!

But first I must tell a small back-story....

My daughter loves hunting. She loves hunting squirrel, skinning, cleaning, cooking and eating them. She asks me almost every day if she can go hunting.

Weird!!! Sometimes I ask myself where this girl came from!!!

Ok, back to Sunday.....

Tru had actually gone hunting the day before and got her squirrel!!! She did her usual thing down at the creek and had squirrel for a snack. Yup!! The next day (Sunday!) she, her big brother and a friend went fishing in our pond.... they were SO excited when they caught a sizable fish.  They ran up and wanted to know if they could cook and eat it!!!

Well, absolutely you can!!!   We do teach that if you kill it you have to eat it!!! =)

I should mention here that they also caught some crawfish (is that what they are called??) (they look like tiny lobsters!!) (Gross!!!) they had started a fire and were boiling them while they were fishing....

This will have been the first time Tru has skinned a fish, so her friend was teaching her how to do it... as she was cleaning the fish to prepare it for cooking she slit it down the bottom and opened it up.


Apparently, the fish they caught had eaten the claw of the squirrel (among some other things!!) Tru had cleaned the day before!!!!! How freakishly weird is that?!?!?!?!!!!

This fish was Hongry!!!!

They did cook and eat this and two other fish on this day!!!
I always say, if something happens, I have a girl that can provide some meat for our table!!! ;-)

It was hilarious to see the kid's faces when they saw this!!!!!   A classic childhood memory that will forever be brought up at family gatherings!!!! =)

But, to cleanse your palate and remove the disturbing images of fish are some bee pics!!!
We split our hive last week.....

 A worker on my daughter's glove...they are always so interested in what is going on!!!

 Frame with workers!!

 So amazing.....

Old hive....   

 New hive!!!
I adore this yellow color!!!
The next split will have a light blue or green!!!!

 Our two hives!!!!  =)

Bees are so very awesome!!!!! 

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24


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