Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Different side of me....

Some of you may have figured this out by now. Some of you may still be unaware....
Either way, it's no problem!!!

I have some news.....

I am a photographer!!!!!

You may be asking yourself, "Why is this news?!?"

It's a valid question....

It's news because for a long time I have been a point and shoot kind of person! You might say, a mommy that makes absolutely sure to take photos on ALL of the family trips and any time there was a memory to preserve!!
That has changed a bit in the last year or so.... not the frantic need to take memory photos!! That is still completely in tact (and probably a little more so now!!).
But what I want to do with photography has morphed into a passion about sharing what is all around us in a way that makes you stop, think, and maybe, just maybe, smell the roses!!!

Here is some examples of the work I enjoy doing....

Found this Blackberry on our shows ALL the stages of their very short life....

 This is a honey bee emerging  from a frame of brood....

 Just a beautiful sky....caught by stopping my truck on the side of the road and taking a shot!!!
(my kids think I'm crazy sometime!!!) 

A rose.....

You may say to yourself,,, wow, those are lovely!! 
And they are!! 
But my point in sharing is before I would snap a shot and be done with it. There was no thought about the why, or what will I do with it, or what was I thinking??
As a photographer I have started to focus on these questions and being much more selective in what I shoot and what I share....

I am (at the time of writing this) a Level 12 Apprentice in the Arcanum!!  
(Known there as "Bretta the Flowerscaper)

What is the Arcanum???

SO glad you asked.... here is a link...

GO!! Check it out!!!! Tell them I sent you!!!!

I have learned much in my time there and will continue to learn!!!! 
I am having a blast with all the work that is required of me and I think that is a true statement of my reality. 

Here are the photos from my Level 9 Critique....

 Honeycomb (that has been spun out) from one of our hives.... 
I LOVE being able to show the beauty of the bees' work!!! 
Bees are truly amazing and seeing inside of their home is amazingly wonderful!!! 
Showing it to others is (double) icing on the cake!!!

 Another rose..... anyone see a pattern here?  

One more rose.... I love the water drop on this flower.... 

My Honeycomb photo was actually critiqued in a thing called the Creation Wars!!!! Squeeeeee!!!!
Go watch that here>>>>The Creation Wars 31
my photo is toward the end... =) 

And Here is he link to the Critique with my own Master>>>>Level 9 Critique!!

The rest are photos I have worked on or am working on, or am finished with!!!!

 Oh yes.....the Nitty Gritty of a flower!!! My favorite!!!! 

 A field of peanuts.....

 Hazy Morning Hay Field

 Jiminy Cricket!!! 

 One of hundreds!!!!

 Another rose....processed a bit differently.....

 Hay Fields.....yep! It's summer time around here!!!!

Almost a B&W....

So there you go!!!!   Some of my latest work as an "actual" PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into a different part of my life!!! =)
See?? It's not ALL bugs, snakes and crazy dogs (and kids!!)!!!! 

(I would like to put in a side note that I giggle when I type out the word "photography" because when my Army Man says the word in reference to me he says it with a short sounding "a".....


It's hilarious!!!!


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