Thursday, August 20, 2015

Most Epic of Mom Fails

Oh yes, I know y'all think I am a have-it-all-together, stay-at-home, home-schooling, house cleaning, clothes washing, child raising, photographing, freakishly awesome mom!!!!

Make no mistake..... I am....
....most of the time!!!


Today I had to meet my Army Man "in town" briefly, and I thought while I was there I would get the kids a movie from Red Box to have for a movie night tonight!!!


I was going through the movies on the selection screen and saw "Pixels"!!!
<<<Watch Pixels trailer here>>>

I was just SO excited!!! I just new I was going to get major Mom Bonus Points for this one, because they are at home and not even expecting a movie!!!

So I mosey on home and rock out with my mom music (because I NEVER get to listen to my CD in the's always the kid's choices playing!) (not that it's awful music or anything...)(just not mine...)

I get home and start hyping up the night we have in store for us with an awesome movie to watch!!! The kids are really getting into it and looking very excited!!

It was then, at that exact moment when I was pulling the totally awesome movie out of my purse, that I noticed what looked like bugs flying around or something on the picture on the disc.    I thought to myself, that looks odd.

On closer inspection of the disc, I realized they were pixies, not bugs.

I had, in fact,  picked up a movie called "Pixies" NOT "Pixels" at the Red Box!!!!!
<<<Watch Pixies trailer here>>>

Big, Huge, EPIC difference here!!!!!


So, yes, I had an EPIC Mom Fail today.
I am after all, only human, and being awesome ALL the time is exhausting!!!


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