Friday, October 25, 2019

Life happens when we're not paying attention!!

Well, Hey Y'all!!!
It's been a minute since I last posted...SO much life has happened. 
Tragedy and triumph.
Loss and gain.
Death and life.
It would take me ages to sort out the whole story so let's suffice to's good to be back!!! 
I've been doing things..... lots of things.

I'm now considered a "professional" photographer!!! Although, I still have so much to learn! Since I have been paid for (many) jobs that seems to make one a professional. Who knew?!?! 
I also have a website (with a blog that is also neglected) where I post my work. I'll post a link in a later blog. 

I also started working outside of our home!!! O.o  That's probably the biggest change for me!!! The Army decided they needed my husband in a different place. An hour and fifteen minute  drive form our home!! =/ That change along with the actual job change put our budget in a deficit for a while there!!! It was tough at first, but we adjusted, made some changes and I started working part time. We didn't love it, but it helped.  There is not much funny in this story, but our family has had some really good times together these past few years!!! 

My oldest child is now a National Guard soldier!!!! He graduated (homeschool) high school (early)(because he worked hard!) and shipped to Basic training in April!!  Since he is National Guard he is now home and working on getting his college stuff going. The Army does not make it easy, but he is making progress!! It is important to us that he gets his college in before joining full time. He wants to be an officer one day and this is the best way for him to reach his goals!!! 

My middle child continues her pursuit of musical knowledge and writing prowess!! She is so talented!!! I could listen to her play the piano all day!! She is also teaching herself the guitar, ukulele and cello!!! There is no boundary to what she can accomplish when she sets her mind to it!!!  She still has a desire to be a fireman. She is finishing up her latest book. 90,000+ words. 350+ typewritten pages!!!!  She is discovering she enjoys science, through the fabulous teachings of my sciencey friend!!! 

My baby boy is still the same fun loving kid as he has always been  just taller, much taller!!! He enjoys mentioning that he is taller than me frequently!!  It's adorable!! He was the shortest of us for so long and very recently has grown past me and his sister!!! He has discovered a love for classical music!! Playing it on the piano and listening to it while doing math or whatever!!! I couldn't be happier!!! I share a love a classical music with my dad and now with my son!! =) 

We had a few pet additions to our family as well, but they deserve their own blog so I'll save their intro for another time!!!


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