Saturday, January 9, 2016

Laughter is the best medicine!!

Laughter really is the best medicine…

My kids are very much like their daddy. My Army Man has a way with words…. not just saying them, but reversing order, rhyming, writing, making up games, rearranging sentences, using them out of context on purpose… all sorts of word games!

The other day while we were driving home from church, a conversation started.  I’m not sure who started it, but we’ll blame it on Thoene. He is usually our “fall” guy!  You know that saying, “You’re a few fries short of a Happy Meal”?? It kinda started like that! Except my kids didn’t realize they were slinging insults at each other! They just thought they were saying funny little sayings!! 
It. Was. Hilarious!!!

Here are a few of the “funny little sayings”…..
A few bricks short of a LEGO set….
A few slices short of a loaf
A few pages short of a chapter
Or how about....
A few seeds short of an apple
A few leaves short of a branch
A few animals short of a zoo
A few watts short of a light bulb (mine) 
This one.....?
A few problems short of math schoolbook  (??)
A few chickens short of a flock
A few horses short of a herd
A few books short of a library
A few stars short of the Flag
A few gasses short of a fart
A few days short of a week
A few weeks short of a month
A few months short of a year
A few years short of a millennium
A few gigs short of a hard drive
A few bees short of a hive
Oh yeah, and this one!
A pea short of a casserole
A few pills short of a bottle
A few remotes short of a Wii
A few words short of a dictionary
Your marbles slipped out of your bag

I'm sure there were more (we're talking a 20 minute ride home from church!!), but this is all we could remember for me to put in this story!! 

 By the time we got home I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!! Army Man was laughing too, but more on the inside….

Fast forward a day……
I volunteered to watch my friend’s children while she was at an appointment (they LOVE to come to our house and play outside in the woods or inside with the Wii!) (we LOVE having them over!!)  and my kids were trying to explain the conversation from the previous night…

It went something like this….

Truly …. “Like this...You’re a few days short of a week!”  (deadpan)
SG…. “ok…ummmm…you’re a few petals shorter than a flower!”  (triumphant!)
Truly…. “ No, it would be a few petals short OF a flower! Like this…. You’re a few animals short of a zoo!”
SG…. “ok…ummmm you’re a few leaves shorter than a branch!!” (big hopeful smile)
Truly… “No. I don’t think you’re getting it.”
Sg…. “I know!! I’m so confused!!! How about this?? You’re a few petals SHORTER than a flower!!!!" (giggles!)
Truly...."Ummmm, no."

Keep in mind the SG sort of sounds like a chipmunk….. It was SO stinkin’ funny!!!!!
Just go back and re-read that little conversation with the SG words sounding like one of the Chipettes.... Gigglesnorts abound!!!!! 

Just another day in the life of me…. laughing my way through the craziness!!!


Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. 

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