Friday, April 19, 2013

Cleaning House......=/

I am probably not the typical stay-at-home mom/wife. I do not like to clean my house. Don't take that the wrong way....I LOVE having a clean house. I just don't like to be the one who has to get it that way or keep it that way. 

This hangs in my all times!!! =)  True statement. Usually!

With three children, one of which LOVES to play in the dirt, creek, clay, creek of his own making, sand, more dirt, the other creek, it is a bit tricky keeping the house in order. And clean. All of them run around barefoot most of the time so there is no taking off of the shoes before they come in...
I can pretty much keep stuff off  of the floors. The kids do help with that a bit. It is the deep cleaning stuff that really done not get done nearly enough.

I would get a big fat "F" on the Clean House Report Card!!!!

I saw a little cartoon in a magazine once that said, "Yes. You can eat off of my floors. Just add some egg to those crumbs and you'll have yourself a casserole!!"  I laughed out loud!!! Got some strange looks in the doctor's office waiting room too!!!
It's kinda gross if you think about it, but then I remembered that I hadn't swept my floors in a few days.....=/

Today, I have cleaned my room and my bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the living room, vacuumed everywhere I could think to vacuum (I have stained concrete floors!!), re-cleaned the kid's bathroom, unclogged both tub drains(!!!), helped my youngest clean his room (that nearly took all day! Yikes!!!!), and played checkers with my daughter (and won!!!) (I am only excited about that because she usually beats me!!)!!

I am tired. My back is hurting. My hands are in a mess. But, my house is clean!!! =) Now, if I can just keep it this way!!!

I always tell myself that I will not let it get this bad again.

Then I do.  =/

Then I get a phone call and my mom-in-law is coming over!!!!! PANIC!!  Motivation!!
No, she really is a sweetheart and would not care if my house was clean or not. But her house is ALWAYS neat and tidy, and I cringe at the thought of her having to see the chaos that is usually my house!!!

Tomorrow will be a day of helping others and visiting with family and I am thankful that I won't have to clean anything!!!!! For a few days anyway!!!!! ;)



  1. I may have overstated the complete cleanliness of my house......Apparently, I forgot to clean the shelves on the fridge!!! Who knew it could get so dirty in such a short (and by short I mean, we just moved into this house!!! -----July of 2012!!) time!!!!But, they are clean now!!!!! Thanks to a timely tea spill, my refrigerator is now clean also!!! =)

  2. What a wonderful post. I thought I might be the only one. My house is technically clean. :) it would be hard to tell, because my house is "lived in" really really lived in and because of that it is really cluttered.

  3. I agree. Long live the "lived in" look. : ) It's just that there are so many MORE enjoyable things to do besides sweeping and dusting--like reading with the kids, gardening, and cooking! ....And yet it must be done I suppose! Sounds like you at least got most all of yours done all at once. That's pretty impressive!