Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 25: Life

Day 25:  Life

Today I am thankful for life. It is all around us….the trees, the birds, the bugs, the critters. Every time I step outside my door something is buzzing, chirping, or creepy crawling.  Today however, I had to witness something dying. It was my first traumatic necessity on our property. It broke my heart. But it was unsafe to allow it to stay in the vicinity of our home with small children and pets roaming around like we do. The neighbors were also in a bit of an uproar for it to be gone. Apparently, they have had some issues with them in the past. After this day, and the sadness of this death, I am going to call whomever it is that can come to remove the pest and take it somewhere else to live in peace. I just cannot bring myself to allow another critter to be killed.  In my husband’s defense, the critter was huge. His head was as big as my husband fist (maybe bigger!!) and it was NOT an endangered species. It was a common snapping turtle. And my little boy’s heart will be broken when we tell him. He is turtle lover in the extreme. But the safety of my children comes first and foremost and this huge turtle had been living in our pond....


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