Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 26: P.D.

Day 26: Pay Day

Today, I am thankful for Pay Day!!!!! We are just regular people living our lives regularly…..I am a stay-at-home mom so we are a one income family. My kids are homeschooled so they are with me all day. Everyday. We have recently built a house…..10 years of waiting has paid off, but we still have a mortgage. We like to eat, so I have to buy groceries for three growing (and endlessly hungry) kids!! We do regard debt with disdain, but recently had to finance (grrrrr) a truck to have a reliable car (my van is a ’99!!). It will be paid off in 4 months (hopefully!) by some financial maneuvering by my hubby!!!  So Pay Day is a big deal around here!!! We go shopping for the massive amount of groceries we need to sustain these people that are shorter than me! And have a bit of fun while doing it!!!! =)


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