Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 31......Tree Trunks!!!

Day 31: Tree trunks

Today I am thankful for tree trunks. Yes, tree trunks.  We bought some land last year. A 6.5 acre lot of woods, grass, creeks, and all that comes with those things (critters, bugs, overgrowth).  The land had been neglected for some time and the woods near the creeks have been overrun with vines (some with vicious thorns!!) and undergowth.  Part of the yard was overrun with brambles and wild blackberries!

 It has been a struggle to clear the woods, but today we have made major progress!!! It is amazing to see the difference clearing some scraggly trees and vines can make!!!! =)  We ahve three huge piles of brush to burn!!! But, we can now see all of the tree trunks in a particular place that we have been clearing (by hand, I might add!) and it looks so much better!!! YAY!!! The trees will be happier this year without all of that extra weight from the vines!!!


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