Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beach Day ~and~ Goodbye internet and electronic entertainment.......

We have finally finished our school year!!!! YAY!!!!
As a reward for all of the hard work we have done, we went to the beach!!! YAY!!!!! My kids LOVE the beach almost as much as I do!! I even got in the water more yesterday than I ever have!!!
It was another perfect day for the beach!!! Not too hot and a few clouds here and there.....
The water was perfect!!! Cold, but wonderful......after you got used to the temperature and your toes and legs were numb!!!
The kids always bring so much stuff to the beach. The goggles, the sand toys, the floats, the kites, the snorkel thingy (which never seems to work right for my kids!) and the skim boards all have to be carried down to the beach and back to the truck when we are done. Not to mention the towels, snacks, water and is very cumbersome. But worth it!!!
They do help carry all the stuff, but it still requires a lot of stamina after spending all day on the beach.
On this particular trip Truly found some amazing shells with hermit crabs in them!!! She was so excited!! They seemed to be everywhere. She also found shells with muscles (?) in them...very cool

Since this was our first beach trip we are all still pale, but after yesterday we will be mostly tan. My boys tan very easily, Tru, not so much. We only had some minor sunscreen failure. I bought the spray on kind thinking it would be easier and less irritating (than lotion) to put on down on the beach (because of the sand that never goes away), but the wind carried most of it away before it settled on the kids and they did get a bit of sun on their backs!! And apparently I have been working on my flip flop tan without knowing it......Ha!!! Oh well, tis the season!!!
Flying kites was a big hit this year!!!! I'm not sure why we haven't done it before. It was a spur of the moment purchase that worked out very well!!! The kids were amazed that they could get their whole string unwound and still have the kite going and going!!! At one point, Tru. was playing in the sand with a little girl a bit down the beach and holding her still flying kite!!!! Hhahaa!! I thought it was kinda funny to see her kneeling down in the sand digging with one hand and holding the kite string with the other hand!!!
The beach we go to is a state park. Nice and clean. Bathrooms and showers handy. But the best part is the Jetties!!!!  My kids love climbing on these huge rocks and making their mama a nervous wreck!!! I love watching them explore, but the thought of what is on the other side of those rocks.....scary!!!
Roger and I have been married almost 17 years!!!! We have a wonderful marriage and we still enjoy each others company very much!!! I get to be married to my best friend and it is a blessing!!! =)

I have found that I love taking pictures.....yesterday I took lots. Some of my favorite are of the birds that hang around the beach waiting for crumbs and doing their thing while we humans borrow their home for a while!!!
I hope that you have enjoyed the pics of one of my favorite places and maybe you can find time to go to the beach and enjoy it for yourself!!!!
It is so relaxing and wonderful and amazing!!!

I have decided to take a break from the internet for a while thanks to an inspirational blog I read the other day (Thanks for the reminder, April!!)....not sure when we will be back online!! At least July or August. I will check in on FB from my phone once in a while, but we are all taking a break from electronics (handheld games, Wii, computer) and focusing on family, friends and an old fashioned good time this spring/summer!!! Those of you that know me, know how to reach me!!! =)
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your spring and a splashing good summer!!!!!


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