Monday, May 6, 2013

New Toy!!!!!!

Have I mentioned that I have the most wonderful husband in the world??  That's right!! There can be only one most wonderful and I have him!!!!! =) 
He is wonderful for many reasons, but this post will focus on one......

A few months ago we mowed our grass with our little17.5HP Craftsman 42" riding mower. It was a beast and I loved it!! I have a very uneven yard (field) and lots of brush-like weeds to mow on the edges of our woods. This little mower never complained. It kept mowing and mowing. That is, until we killed it. My son was joy riding on it just after we had finished mowing and it just stopped going. There was plenty of gas, so that wasn't it. We had replaced the drive belt earlier, so that wasn't it. Finally, we took it to the shop to have him check it out. Apparently, there was no oil in the engine and we killed it that way......=(    It was the best $300 we had ever spent on a mower!!! I am considering replacing the engine just so I can keep it around!!!!!

Enter the new mower.......

My sweet husband bought me a Brand New 22HP 46" Husqvarna mower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!  I don't need flowers or candy (seriously, these hips can't take much more!!!), but I did need a new mower and this one is quite nice!!!!

This thing has an adjustable seat, a cup holder, wheels on the deck, and much, much more!!!
Here are some pics.....

This just looks like royalty.....;) 

My daughter is adamant that our kids and riding mowers do indeed mix!!!!

 I love the front end of this thing!!!

 A "high back" seat!!!! =)

 Forward and reverse pedals!!!!!! Aaahhhhh.....Who knew?!?!?!!!

I really like having a new mower. Besides the fact that it has to be broken in on my rough yard.
 This is an awesome machine!!!!! I highly recommend it!!! =)


 My goofy boy really likes the new mower too!!!!

 The view from the driver's seat!!!!

I think my hubby took it mudding......
We are hoping to get many good years out of this new toy, er....tool!!!
In other news around the "propetty".....
 My day lily and purple rose has bloomed!!!!! =)

 The blueberries are doing terrifically!!!!


The garden is growing..... =)

 And the chicks have a temporary home!!! This is the bottom part of their coop!!! Painting the coop tomorrow and hopefully, they will be in it full time by this weekend!!! Yay!!!!! 
Things are coming together quite nicely around here....
The next big project will be fencing for a cow......that may have to wait until next year!!!!


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