Friday, May 10, 2013

No More Chickens!!!!


What I mean by "No More Chickens" is>>>>> they are officially in their coop!!!!!
They are finally out of my house AND off of the porch!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Thankful!!!!

I really loved the idea of having chickens.
The cold reality of owning chickens is they are MESSY!!!
We have had them inside since March 27th.....They were so tiny and cute. They all fit nicely into this little box and were easy to maintain the dust, food, water, pine shavings, and poo!
 Oh my word, but they are precious when they are this tiny!!!!! =)

When they were about 3 weeks old, we moved them to a large dog kennel to give them more space...It worked perfectly. They were happy with the new space and loved the perch we fashioned for them.

Then I started to notice the pine shavings......everywhere. There was also dust......everywhere. Food and water were getting a bit tricky to keep clean and I'm pretty sure there was poo on one of my French doors where they were staying!!!! Grrrrr.......
 This is Truly....our "Chicken Whisperer"!! They love her!!!! =)

I managed to not loose my sanity during this time, but my patience was wearing very thin with these adorable little soon to be egg layers!! They all have such unique personalities and places in their herd (is that what you call a group of chickens??), but seriously? I was ready to make chicken and dumplings there for a few days!!!!

We had company over last weekend so they got "kicked out" to the porch and we were able to de-dust the house with the help of my wonderfully amazing husband!!! YIKES!!!! There was so much dust, pine shavings and food scattered everywhere!!!!Even in the bedrooms!!!!  I ask you, how does all of that get into the bedrooms?!?!??!!!!

After the big clean....we kept them out on the porch (in the dog kennel) to acclimate them to the outside air temperatures, which have been unusually cool for this part of the country (probably Global Warming...Ha!!).

They really liked it out there!! (and I really liked the cleaner appearance of my house!!)
Fresh and sunshine did wonders for them. We were having to take them down to their yard during the day and bring them back up to the porch at night. The kids did this for about a week. They were (and are) very diligent in the care of our chickens.

But last night we finally got the coop all sealed!!!!!!
There is a door on it now!! =)
They were able to stay out in the designated chicken area ALL night!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!

 While it was weird to not be able to walk out on the porch and check on them before bed, it was a huge relief to know they are where they are supposed to be and they are safe. safe as we can make them!!!! =)



  1. Congrats on getting the chicks out of your house! When i was little, we were always raising stray kittens. Chickens/country life in general are definitely outside my realm now. My kids are such city slickers (which annoys me sometimes). If a chicken climbed on Joshua, he would full scale panic and have nightmares for a week. Ha!

    1. Thanks!!!! I was a bit worried about when they got bigger, but by starting with them being so tiny has helped!!! Truly will go out there and pick up any one of them even though the rooster has pecked her a few times!!!! =)