Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bee Check!

Today we finally had time to check on our brand new hive!!!!


We have had some "busy bees"!!! The frames are full of brood, honey, and workers doing their thing. It always surprises me when I see the bees. I'm not sure why. They are so amazing. We got our hive set up March 30th and we had to add a super today. The brood chamber is slam full of stuff!!! =)

Here are pictures of what we found when we opened the hive!!!

 Working in the brood!!!! =)


Looking for the feeder jar....
 Hive with the new super on it!!! =)

Say hello to the ladies!!!! =)

I did sing to them while we were working with the hive.... Sweet Hour of Prayer.  It seemed to settle them a bit. They are just so curious about what is going on around them. And they don't seem to mind when you take out a frame to check on things!!! =)
But alas, I am not a "true" beekeeper yet....I have not been stung once!!!!!


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