Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dr. visit....

For many years we did not have health insurance! (Gasp)

We could not afford it. (Sound familiar?)

This was way before the Affordable Health Care Act (AKA ObamaCare). Not that it is going to help anyone. In the end none of us will be able to afford anything!!!! =/

When your insurance premium per month is equal to or more than your rent/mortgage I just think that's a bit much. Especially on our (at the time) social service income!! We did have to eat/feed three kids, put gas in the car and pay our power bill. So instead, we paid for chiropractic care out of pocket and prayed for health. I must tell you that for those years we never had any major or minor health issues.  God answered our prayers!!
My kids did not have ear infections. Head colds only lasted for a few days. Overall we had extraordinary good health!!!

Then my husband re-enlisted into the Army National Guard. Now we have healthcare through the military.
While I enjoy having the insurance for healthcare (and vision, and dental--thankfully including orthodontics!!), now we cannot afford chiropractic care and our insurance does not cover it at all. Grrrrr... I believe because of this lack of chiropractic care my children have gotten more colds and ear infections than they have had their entire lives!!!! Grrrrr...... We can't win for losing!!!  I have insurance that will pay for them to see the doctor, but we see him way more than we used to!!

We have the best pediatric doctor!! He is so funny (in a reserved kind of way), he always listens to my kids, looks at the bionicles/Legos/drawings/books they take in to show him AND he always remembers that we home school so I don't need a "Doctor's Excuse" for school!! He also looks a bit like Dan Aykroyd!! Bonus!!!
Yes, I am a Aykryod fan! I know he is a bit bizarre, I don't care!! =)

Today we had to go back for an ear infection check. I knew she was feeling better, but he wanted to recheck (maybe because she has had so many ear infections in the last few years...since we stopped chiropractic care!!).

I rarely remember to take my kids go back for a recheck!! (Bad parenting??? Maybe. But I know when my kids are feeling better....)

At the end of our visit our doctor had a big grin on his face and said this would be the highlight of his day because he got to see someone who had gotten better!!!   =)  I was happy for him.
On the way out I realized the he really does not get to see well kids that much. Even if they go in for a well check-up they end up crying because of shots and such. =(  

So next time take your kids (and I will take mine!) back for the recheck and give your pediatrician something to smile about!!!


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