Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pardon my rant...

You've been warned.
I must rant.

I really do not like that word. Rant. It denotes negative feelings and scenes of shouting in my mind. However, rant I must.
It probably doesn't help that I am an emotional roller coaster (for a few days anyway!).

Rant #1
I do not know why I torment myself by shopping at WalMart.
Is the supposed saving of money? I never leave without spending at least $200.00.
Is it the ease of access? Really, if they would keep the shelves properly stocked I would not have to keep looking for things at other stores!
Is it the friendly atmosphere?? HA! You know I jest!
Is it the one stop for shopping I am seeking?
Is it the high quality customer service? HA! You know I jest, again!

Today I found my self there and getting more stressed by the minute. It's bad enough that I am spending my Saturday grocery shopping (it feels like work), but also to have spend the large part of it waiting in line to check out because the lady in front has to do two transactions.
.......because of the rules of her "benefit" card.
Even that wouldn't normally bother me so much. I have been on WIC. I know there are lots of weird little rules for these types of programs. But this particular lady did not know the rules stating the transactions (for certain foods I guess) could not go over $20.00.  Her soda, large bags of chips, and huge birthday cake would be more than $20.00. So the cashier very patiently explained (several times) how to be able to pay for her stuff by doing two separate transactions.  REALLY??? I thought those "benefit" cards were supposed to be used by families in need to buy healthy foods that you would normally not be able to buy....fruits, veggies, rice, and such.
Real food not JUNK!!!!

Rant #2
Parking the buggy.
How hard is it to push your buggy into the other buggies in the parking thingy??? 
So many people don't do this simple courtesy. As a result only 5 or so buggies are in the thingy and it is "full". SO annoying!!! 
If everyone will just take two seconds and push in their own buggy (and the other ones....because you know there will be others!!) all the way into the lane many, many more will fit and we probably wouldn't have stray buggies roaming around the parking lot avoiding cars and trucks while just looking for their parking thingy!!!!  

Today, I actually got to witness someone else who finds this annoying push his buggy and essentially all the other ones into a tight little line!!! It made me ~almost~ leap for joy!! I know his wife thought I was crazy, but really, I thought I was the only one who did this!!! I thanked him. What else could I do? Break out into a spontaneous happy dance?? I don't think so. Then my husband would think I was crazy (more so than he already does!)!  But then, my husband did the same thing!! Woot woot!!! I LOVE THAT MAN!!! =) 
One day, there will be three more people (my kids) pushing all the buggies in and maybe we'll start a revolution back to common courtesy!!!!  

Rant #3
Google + Community guideline/rule violators.
Really??? You are going to fuss about being called out when you are not following the community rules? When you decide that what you "feel" needs to be considered more than the owners or moderators of these communities it is time for you to move on or moved out. Go start your own community!! It bothers me that people break the rules, get caught, then fuss about the rules. Grrrr.  Every community has their own set of guidelines/rules. You know that going in. Some are pretty specific (for a reason), some are general, some are downright liberal. 
If you join a community, please try to at least put forth an effort to follow the rules.  

There. I feel better!! =)

I have forgotten the other things (sigh) so this will have to do for now.....I will try to not rant again.....for a while anyway!!HA!!  ;)


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