Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Getting Fit ??

My fitness goals are simple...
1. Play with my kids without getting out of breath.
2. Hike with my family again.
3. Have more energy.
4. Play volley ball again.
5. Not look 6 months pregnant!!
6. Overall better health.
7. Run. Possibly.... Maybe.... I'm not sure about this one.....

Let me preface my story with a bit info....I go to an Army Physical Fitness Center (gym) on Post.
Most of the people I see are enlisted men and women! Their job depends on physical fitness.
Mine does not!!

My goal is to get to the gym 3 times a week for now.
My husband is my cheerleader!! He is always willing for me to do what is necessary to obtain my goals. Much to my chagrin, he always insist that I drive those 10 miles (one way!) to the gym when I can because he knows I will feel better when I do!!! However, when he gets home (to watch the kids) around 7 pm I loose interest in leaving the house for the gym!! I just want to stay home with him!! In his defense, he usually gets home around 5:30-ish and this gives me plenty of time to go and get back before the kids are in bed.
Last night was one of those late nights.
I was disappointed. He was disappointed.  (He knows I like to go.)
The kids had no clue.

This morning he suggested that I go before he goes to work!  Bahahahahahahha!!! You're kidding right???  He usually leaves around 7:30 am and I am no morning person!!!    
However, this particular morning he was going in late....

I did go to the gym.

It was fantastic!!!!

I never regret going to the gym. I always feel better afterward.

I really enjoyed going in the morning because the people that are there are more like me..... Older. Less in shape. Struggling on the elliptical. Sweating profusely and hating it, but knowing it is necessary.  

The people I see in the evenings are very fit (Army folks), super athletic, and some are grossly muscular!!  I feel very out of place, but I endure because I need to do this for myself!!!  At 5' 3.5" (don't judge! My 1/2 inch is important to me!!) and curvaceous in all the right (and/or wrong) places, I am shorter and curvier than most of the evening people.
This is how God made me. I like my curves. I am just working towards having a bit less of them!!! ;)
I think I will evaluate my non-morning person-ness and consider going to the gym in the morning every time!!!! =)
Of course, it all depends on my hubby's schedule!


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