Friday, October 4, 2013

Kid Camping!!!!

Today is a beautiful day here in South Alabama.......Lower 80's. No humidity. Perfect fall day!!

I know our country is in a mess and there is a tropical storm out in the gulf, but here at our house we are getting ready for yard camping!!!!

It's the simple things that keep my kids happy.  They don't care (right now) who is to blame for the mess we are in. They don't care (right now) that our country is broken and things will drastically have to change in order to repair the damage. They don't care (right now) that Republicans and Democrats are so opposed and have such opposite views of where our country should go that their future of freedoms (and the future of all children)  is in jeopardy.

Today, the only thing they care about is that they get to use the "big tent" tonight while they are camping in our yard.

I love that. I love that they hear the news, they know the Government is "shut down", they asked if their daddy (active military) still had a job..... If we would keep our house....Why the commissary in our area is closed.
They are not uninformed, they are innocent. They have faith in our God and in our government to be able to "fix" things.

My kids have always loved the outdoors. They are camping enthusiast. So why not let them camp in the yard any Friday they want!!The whole point of getting 6.5 acres was to enjoy and use it!!

We home school so I can also make this a lesson in working together, fire building, cooking, nature, weather...the list is endless...
I chose to do homeschooling year around this year so that we could take seemingly random (but planned) days off!!! There is so much more to learning than textbooks. I like to call one of our classes "Life-skills class".
My children will be adults one day. Everything we do now molds them in to the adults they will be!!! I do not want them to only be able to do "book work", I want them to be able to live. I want them to be able to budget, clean, organize , participate, engage, help, learn, volunteer, donate, grow spiritually, repair things....again, the list is endless, but if I don't give them opportunities to do these things as children how will they learn and expect to do them as adults?!?!!!

So today we camp!!! Well, the kids do! I will be inside, snuggling in my comfy bed and staying up late watching a movie with my hubby!!!!!  It may be a "13th Warrior" (one of our favorite movies!!) kind of night!!!! =)


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