Monday, April 29, 2013

The Beach.....Yes, Please!!

I absolutely LOVE going to the beach.

I do NOT love getting in the ocean though.....I still have Jaws frights when I get into the water!!
It's been what? 25 years??? 

Still, I love going to the beach for the sake of the beach. I love the constant sound of the waves crashing into the sand.

 I love the chatter of the gulls while they are searching for food. I love the hues of the water contrasted to the sand and the brilliance of the sun and sky.

I love feeling the sand between my toes...not so much in my swimsuit though...hahahaha!!
I love watching my kids play and swim in this vast wild place!!!

We also see some interesting sights while we are at the beach!! There seems to always be something to remember!!!!                     Like.....Santa??? On vacation perhaps????.....

Or someone brave enough to parasail.......
I love that my husband has always taken the time to throw in the kids!!!They love every minute of it!!! =)
They are getting to big to do this now......
Oh, and I LOVE mossy rocks!!!! I'll admit it. I know it is weird, but hey, it can't be helped!!! I just wish my camera could take a better picture of them!!! They are beautiful!!!
There comes a time in our day that we see the sun starting to move toward the west....

As much as I love this time of day at the beach I also hate to see it come because I know my time here is short. The feeling of peace that being at the beach brings should be bottled and sold!!! I could make a fortune if I could figure it out!!!!
Goodnight Beach. Oh, how I hate to say goodbye!!! 
But goodbye it is until I can come back!!!!
I love going to the beach!!!
PS....these pictures were taken on two different beach trips.....

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