Monday, December 10, 2012

CoLdNeSs---Day 11

Day 11: Coldness

Today I am thankful for coldness.
Let me explain…..I am 36 years old (young, I think) and my body is not what it used to be!! My sleep was terrible last night because I was so hot.  (?)  I could not get comfy and felt slightly nauseous, but didn’t know why…..I did not realize the ceiling fan was on low. LOW!!!! How could this have happened??? I do not know. My husband claims innocence. Hmmmmm…… I don’t change the fan speed because I like it on HIGH all the time!!! So after my horrific night of little to no sleep, I had to nap, which of course was wonderful because I had turned the fan back up to HIGH and was able to snuggle under my fleece blanket.  Best nap ever!!!!! So, I am thankful for my bit of coldness provided me by my fan!! Can’t sleep without it!!! =)


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