Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 17: Dog Sitting!!!

Day 17:  Dog Sitting

Today I am thankful for Woody’s people.  We are the honored dog sitters of the goofy and completely adorable Woody when his people need to go out of town. Woody is a grey hound and pointer (?) mix. He must weigh about 100 pounds. He is a big boy and as tall as me when he is on two feet. Yes, he can look me in the eye. On all fours he comes up to my hips!!! He loves playing fetch with his tennis balls. You can’t just throw the ball though, that is not far enough for him to get a good run. You have to use a tennis racquet to hit the ball waaaay out into the yard to give him a bit of a challenge!!! =) Today he is happily napping next to my bed while I am typing this out. He is slightly orange around his feet and legs (Sorry Renee) because he loves traipsing through our creeks which have red clay!!! He is a talker too. He likes to use his vocal chords, not barking just talking. He is a bit of beggar, especially when I am cooking. We don’t give table food to dogs though. Bella (our dog) gets offended if people try to give her table food! He does have the cutest “puppy dog” eyes when he is trying to get you to feed him though!!! He is a treat to have in our home. We are glad that his people trust us with his care!!!! =)


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