Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 6.....New Rides

Day 6:  New Rides!!!!! =)

Today I am thankful for new rides, er, vehicles!!! As I type this, my hubby is driving home my totally awesome new (to me, that is) Suburban!!!!!!!! Decked out with a DVD player (!!!!!), a sunroof (!!!!!!!!!), a Grill guard rail(?) (looks pretty tough), leather, heated seats (!!!!!!) and a BOSE sound system!!!!! I cannot wait to play some Adel in this thing!!!! This will be the newest model of any car I have ever owned!!!! A 2004!!!!! We have a thing about going into debt, so all of the cars we have purchased these last 12 years have been paid for in CASH!!!! This really just means that we have been buying older cars with higher mileage.  My Chevy Astro is a 1999 (classic!!) with 201,000 (that’s two hundred one thousand) miles on her. She has by far been the best van!!!! I hate that she must move on, but we really need more space!! Sad, for a family of 5 to need so much space, but camping gear takes up a lot of room….so does the dog, and groceries and stuff!!!!  So on to newer and bigger things!!!!! Happy Driving!!!

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