Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 5: Hot Water!!!

Day 5:  Hot Water

Oh, yes!! Hot water is what I am thankful for today!!!  I have been helping my hubby (as all good wives should…) put up a field fence. I said a field fence!!!!! Yes, I am a wife of extreme rarity. Well, I guess, it was my idea to go ahead and do it at 3pm with only an hour and a half left of daylight….So, there we were, finishing up another section of fence in the DARK (in the boonies!!!)!!!!! We did manage to actually get it to look mostly decent. Now for a gate, but that is for another time. Far, far away…. And as far as I am concerned, a man job!!!! Roger will just have to find a friend of extreme rarity that will come help him!!!

But, back to my thankfulness…….I managed to strain my back a bit in all of that work I was “helping” my hubby do. (I really think he just enjoyed the company!!!) So the HOT shower I took after working really made a difference in my back achiness!!!! Of course, I have “had” to take a hot shower quite frequently due to the discomfort, but I’m not complaining!!!!! Nooooo, I LOVE my hot water!!!!! =)

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