Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 19: Cold Weather!!!! =)

Day 19:  Cold Weather

Today I am thankful for cold weather!!!!! Now, keep in mind that I live in the south and really, it does not get that cold down here.  We lived in Wisconsin for three years and got a taste of true cold!! I loved it!!! My hubby, however, still gets pain in his back when he sees snow. Some sort of residual memory pain….I did not have to shovel the snow! I just got to play in it, drive in it, and look at it!!! =) I miss it. So when we get a day or two of temperatures in the low 40s down here I like it!!! I get to wear my boots and not feel ridiculous!! I get to wear my cute sweaters and not burn up in them!! I get to wear my red scarf that my friend made for me (thanks Angel!!) and be completely adorable in my fuzzy red hat!!! =) So yes, I am thankful for the brief time of cold weather!!!!


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