Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 4.....TREES

Day 4: TREES

Today, I am thankful for trees…..probably not in the sense that you are thinking. Yes, I am thankful for the function of trees. The oxygen they produce, the beauty of the foliage, the fragrance of the blooms all are wonderful things, but I love that they provide great entertainment for my very active little boy!!!! There is nothing like looking up into a tree and seeing that proud little face that seems to say, “I am king of the world!!!”  There are times when look up and am terrified by how high he is. He is somewhat like a little monkey! But he always finds his way down and so far we have only been to the emergency room once for an unrelated (to tree climbing) injury! =)  He feels like he has conquered the world and I feel like I am growing a boy that is not afraid to try things---even if it seems impossibly high….er….hard!!


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