Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 20: The Little Things!!!!

Day 20:  The Little things

As most of you know, I have found myself at my “fluffiest” this year.  I used to blame it on having three kids with only two years between each birth. I think that was the beginning, but I can no longer use that. My last pregnancy was eight years ago!!!!Now it’s a combination of eating the wrong foods and little to no exercise. I have lost weight using medication before and gained all the weight back plus some after coming off of it. I also did not want to use a “shake” or supplements. I needed this to be a permanent lifestyle change for the weight to stay off. So, a few months ago my hubby found a book that has changed my life!!!! =) The book is called “Wheat Belly”. I was not interested in reading it, it is too technical for me…..but he worked through it and told me the high lights. After changing the way I eat over the last 11 weeks I have lost 9 pounds and 13 ½ inches over all!!!!!=) I expect I will continue to lose weight, but for now I have achieved a small goal…..I can now zip my knee high boots all the way up!!!! Before I would have to zip them low and pull them up, now I can just zip them with no pulling!!!!!! =)=)=) One little change >>>no more wheat<<< one little vistory!!!


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