Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7>>>>Exercise!!!!

Day 7: ExErCiSe (ß-anytime I type like this, it means a sing-song voice…)

Today, I am thankful for exercise????  Yes, afraid so…..This past June I injured my calf playing volley ball (in my defense, I hadn’t played in three or more years!!!). I tore it in two places---one not as bad as the other. But as part of the treatment I had to go to physical therapy. It was excruciating the first few times, but after that I really enjoyed going. Weird, I know. So after all my appointments were finished and I was medically dismissed, I started going to the gym on my own to keep doing the same things I learned in therapy. I am not where I want to be, but, “Hey, Jack” it took 12 years for me to get this “fluffy”, it is going to take time to get healthier, which is my goal!!! =) I would like to work up to running, but first, just plain old elliptical and weights for me! I am happy. My body is in better shape than it has been for too long. I have a goal, and I will reach it!!!!


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