Friday, April 5, 2013

Bees Do Sting!!!

One of the first things our bee class instructor said to us is, "If you work with bees, you will get stung"......

In classic Elmore fashion.....

My daughter (Truly) is the first to experience the "bee sting" from our bees!! She was helping her big brother feed them. Standing behind the hive, just as she was taught. She did however forget the lesson of "wear only light colored clothing and ladies, put your long hair up"!!!!  Poor baby got stung twice on her little cheek and once on her neck. She had two bees stuck in her long hair and managed to bring those back up to the house with her in her "fight or flight" run!!!! It was a painful lesson for her. But one I hope she learns from and will remember!!

The bees seem to be doing fine. They are eating and that is a good sign!! We have a bit of nippy weather these last few days and they are not enjoying that. They have to stay in their hive to keep it warm and are not able to go out and collect nectar....One older (and by older I mean he has been keeping bees for a long time, although he is older in age also!!) beekeeper said teasingly to Truly, "You may have gotten stung because they have been cooped up in their hive, and when you lifted that jar they just had to get out for a minute!!"


Our little chicks are growing by leaps and bounds!! They have doubled in size and are getting in their feathers!!! We call Truly the chicken whisperer!!! She has such a way with those little babies!!! They let her pick them up and tote them around the house. She is their main caregiver right now and she loves it!!!
Sorry the picture is so red....My camera does not like the heat light!!!
So far we are loving all these changes in our lives. We still have to finish the coop and do some fencing, but our little "farm" is coming right along!!! Our focus these next few weeks will be the heirloom garden!! We are so very excited to be using this land that God saw fit for us to manage!!
We are thinking of calling it "Cross Creek Farms"....what do you think???
The story behind "Cross Creek" is.......right after the property officially became ours, we came out here to do a walkabout now that is was "official"!! We have two creeks and four "obvious" creek crossings on our land. The kids found a piece of wood and nailed another piece to it to make it look like a cross. They were making it for their club, but their daddy asked them to make a "bridge" for the lowest crossing, so they used the "cross" they had made and named that particular place "cross creek"....
You can sort of see the "cross" in this is one of the first pictures we took around the property....All of the crossings are named. We have "Cross Creek", "Hidden Creek", "Tall Bridge Creek", and "Short cut Creek". All named by our very practical kiddos!!!!
We are so very thankful for all the blessings we have been given!!! =)


  1. Wow! Bees and chicks! I might could do the chicks, but I could not do the bee thing! You go, girl!

    1. I did not think I would like having bees, but I have really enjoyed it!!! Well, as long as I am suited up and safe!! ;)
      Yep, I am turning into a regular country girl!! But don't tell anybody!!!! =)