Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On my own.....

Well, my hubby has left for the annual "Brotha Trip".
No wives allowed. No kids allowed. Only the brothers allowed.

Usually there are only 4 of them. This year there are 5 brothers going. One year they had all 6 brothers on the trip. It was a very fun time for "the boys"!!! They live all over now--North Dakota, Nevada, Texas, getting together is an all year plan and great fun!!
 My mom-in-law has 8 kids--6 boys and 2 girls. I can barely function with my three kids!!! I cannot imagine having eight!!!!

The first time they went they camped out for a few nights. every trip since then has been to a cabin, complete with beds and air conditioning!!! Ha!! This year, though, they are going back to camping for a few nights, then going to the cabin for a few nights.....they are getting old. Hahaha!!! (Don't tell them I said that! ;)
Can you blame them?? I would choose a cabin and a bed every time over tents and a sleeping bag!!!!

So I am on my own for the rest of the week......the kids and I got some movies and books from the library and some junk food from the grocery. We have cereal and milk, chips and soda, and popcorn so we should be good!!! JK!!!! Our diets definitely take a hit though, when he is gone. I just can't seem to motivate myself to cook much!!! =/  

One day, the "sistas"  will plan and have a "Sista Trip".
No husbands allowed. No kids allowed. Only sistas allowed!!!


SISTAS!!!! We REALLY need to plan this thing and DO IT!!!!!!! =)
I vote for the BEACH!!!!

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