Thursday, April 18, 2013

Big day!!!

By "Big" I mean lots of work!!! We took our chickies outside again today!!!
This may sound like a small matter, but let me assure you, it is not. We have to remove the chicks from their kennel, put them in a box and hope they don't fly out, get the whole kennel out of the house (so we can clean it and put them back in), get the kennel out into the yard somewhere and put the chicks back inside without the base on.
But they sure do love it and I'm glad my kids don't mind a bit of hard work!!! Brining it back inside is the same, but in reverse!!!! =)

They were so cute scratching around and eating weeds and grass!!
Notice the kid's drawings for their temporary home!!!!

They do seem to enjoy the sunshine!!!

It is amazing to me that they know what to do even though they have never seen another chicken doing it!!! =)

Apparently, playing outside is tiring....they have all been sleeping since they came back in!!!

Now, on to the garden rained quite a bit right after we planted our corn last week, so in true slope yard form, our garden got washed out a bit!!!! =/
It was very annoying, but at the same time I must be thankful for the rain. We need it!!!
 My hubby suggested we make a diverter out of wood (what we have on hand), so the kids and I have been working on doing that today!! I tilled the spot for the wood, McCoy and Thoene have been hauling wood in our little yellow wagon and bringing it down to where I needed it, and Truly has been helping me with the grass that popped up after the rain.
 I have such good kids!!!
The wood is newly cut and is heavy, but they were diligent and brought down enough to finish the job!!! They can only fit so much wood it that little yellow wagon!! It took many trips!!!
You can see where the water has washed out a bit of the garden.....those lighter dirt spots are wash-away places!!!! =/

This is my view when I sit on our porch!!!!! =)   This land makes me happy, happy, happy!!!!!
Of course there is more on each side, but that will have to wait for another day....

And this is why we are working so hard on our garden (and land)......we want to rely less on the grocery stores and more on ourselves for the food that we eat and share!!!! 
A little corn sprout can bring so much joy!!!!


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  1. We are not done today!!!! We are going to be planting potatoes, tomatoes and doing some herb garden later!!!! =)