Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dirty feet!!!

Today was such a perfect gardening day!!!!!!

I finally finished tilling our garden spot today.....
I till barefoot just so I can feel the dirt between my toes!!!! I know that is not necessarily safe, but it is AwEsOmE!!! ~~~The feel of dirt on bare feet is at it's worst (hot and hard-ish) good and at it's best (cool and soft) wonderful!! ~~~ By the time I was done my feet and ankles were black, which I'm guessing is a good indicator that my dirt is good!! Well, that is what I'm telling myself anyway!! =) 
I was able (with the help of my super kiddos) to plant 4 types of heirloom corn today!! Tomorrow will be carrots and bush beans!!! Later (maybe next week) tomatoes and my herb garden!!!!! YAY!!!!
SO amazing to see it all come together.....We have dreamed of this since we first started looking at this property!!
Bees are still doing good, chicks are growing and getting their "big girl" feathers, garden is getting planted, and chicken coop is almost done!!!! Yep!! We are some thankful folks around here!!!


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