Friday, April 26, 2013

Chirping birds....Yep! It is Spring!!

Spring is positively gorgeous this year in South Alabama!!!!!
 I can not remember a better one!!!

The days have been cool-ish and humidity free. The skies are an intense shade of blue.

The trees are all the bright green of new leaves. It is stunning!!!

The year we bought this property, I remember chatting with my husband about the lack of birds we saw or heard. It was a little disappointing. But this spring they have come back in full force!!! I have my window open and I can hear them constantly. We have seen many robins and cardinals and a few blue jays!!! SO wonderful to hear the sound of birds. Lets me know that the balance is being restored after so much neglect here...

I just took a bit of a walkabout in the yard and here some things I found....
                                                    ^^^^Just lovely!!!^^^^
 I just love little wild/weed flowers!!!! =) They make my day brighter! Especially since my planted flowers are not really blooming yet!!!!

My first Day Lily bloom of the season!!!!! YAY!!!! Happiness!!!!! =) =) =)

Our garden seems to be doing well, here are a few pics......
                                          Cucumbers and bush peas.^^^^^
                                          Bush Beans^^^^
Corn!!! (With two stray stalks in the middle of the path---due to heavy rain right after planting!!!)

Some of the joy I see when I walk around are things I actually

This little guy was very interested in what I was doing....

And right there on my blueberry bush!! But I didn't have the heart to move it!!!

 This is my Florida Jasmine bush.......I love it, but it is a baby and not very full yet. Those little yellow flowers just make my day!!!! =)

A few other things that bring joy to my day are.....
Bella!!!!!! The world's best border collie mix!!!! =) She is a bit camera shy......

 Lizards doing their thing on my porch!! ^^^^^ They are fun to watch!!!!!!

A buzzing Bumble Bee!!!! I love that is the sound of spring (and summer!)!!


                                                And this!!!!! ^^^^^^^
This is the view when we drive up our driveway!!!! Talk about peaceful!!! I love living out in the country, hearing the sounds of spring, seeing the sights of spring and knowing that it is our little piece of heaven on earth!!!! =)

So very thankful for this place we call ours!!  And this time we call SPRING!!!!! =)



  1. wish I(Denise) were your neighbor:)

  2. You are always welcome to stop by on your way somewhere!!!! I can't promise a clean house (see a previous blog!!), but I can promise a beautiful relaxing view from our front porch and some sweet tea!!! =)