Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day.....

For many people in the U.S. this day is a blight in their lives. "Rendering unto 'Caesar' the things are Caesar's" is really a pain in the rear. Especially when you have no other choice. Yes, we are a free country, but freedom is not free. My husband and I chose long ago to let this day be like any other day. We decided we would not fret and complain about the 15th of April. It is not that days fault that it is disliked so very much!!! I am not a govt. hater. I do not agree with all that they do, (well, with most of it really) but they do serve a purpose and I am thankful that I live in America!!!! =)

Our little slice of peace!!!!! =)

On a happier note.....we took the chicks outside for the first time today!!! I think we may be spoiling them a bit with the A.C. They will have to get used to the heat very gets hot here in L.A.!!!! ;)  They did enjoy their time in the sunshine and I am looking forward to having them out of the house. I am finding lots of "fuzzies" (chick fluff) all over my floors!!! =/  I am definitely looking forward to have fresh eggs!!!! =)

 Our little rooster with the "Chicken Whisperer"....his name is Sentry.

 This is one of our little hens...pretty sure this is Mohawky

My little chickies are getting big!!! They are precious and so much fun to watch!!!!! =)


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